Accreditation is now open for Ringette 2015 World Championships

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of WRC 2015 would like to welcome representatives of the media to the World Ringette Championships 2015 in Helsinki, Helsinki Jäähalli ice rink. Submitting accreditation form does not automatically guarantee approved accreditation. The LOC reserves the right to grant or deny media accreditations. WRC 2015 media accreditation will close on November 20th 2015.

We welcome the representatives of the media to Helsinki to work and convey the atmosphere and spirit of the Ringette World Championships, from December 28th 2015 to 4th of January 2016

There are a certain number of photographers who are allowed to be at the ringside, that is why all the photographers must wear a press-vest while working. If necessary the vests will be circulated among the photographers.

The TV transmission is produced by YLE Sport, only YLE personnel are allowed to produce live footage from the games.

It is not allowed to take videos for instance for official web pages, without a written contract. Although it is allowed to take videos at the mixed zone, interviews are permitted at mixed zone, among the audience and in the press centre.

Accreditation is done in advance and the accreditation form must be completed by November 20th (applications only via this www-site, see the form below). The progression of the accrediting will be informed by e-mail to the persons concerned. You will receive confirmation to the e-mail address you gave us. Further enquiries can be sent to paivi.wood[at]

We hope that you will follow these instructions when applying. This will help us to serve the representatives of the media at the Ringette World Championships as well as possible. We anticipate a good number of media representatives to attend.

We try to serve the accredited journalists as well as possible. You will be given a press card with your photo. You can collect your press card at the Helsinki Jäähalli ice rink, in our press office. All the journalists will be photographed on site and given their press card right after at the accreditation at the press office.

More information on the teams, the game schedules can be found at this official web site under games.
On the website of WRC 2015 you can download photos taken by professional photographers at the games. The resolution of the photos is good enough for professional use. The photos are free of charge for the media and allowed only for repo.

Working facilities at Helsinki Jäähalli ice rink
Working spaces for the journalists can be found at the ringside. We have reserved working places for the media representatives at the media level. There is a free WiFi connection available at the media level. This will serve as the main working area for journalists. We do our best to accommodate other facilities for writing journalists, please check the availability when on site.

Media centre and mixed zone are located close to the press office at Helsinki Jäähalli ice rink.
The players are available for interview after the match at the mixed zone, all the interviews must be agreed in advance at the press office, who then will coordinate the interviews directly with the team managers. In case your media is interested in direct interview with the players or the coaches in between the periods, we kindly ask you to be in contact with the Commucation Manager Mrs Terhi Pinomäki. Direct contacts to the team members are not allowed.

Media services voluntary team will be on hand to take care of your needs while at the games, our team will also assist you at the mixed zone while working on the interviews. Our team is also available to do some translating for you, if needed. Please contact the press office for more information.
There will be some press conferences organized during the games. More information from our press office.
Our media services voluntary team will produce news, photos and some interviews to the web site as well as to Facebook .

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